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During the bulk of the season sod is the best option over seed. It is more costly up front but realistically will cost you less in the long run. With sod laid in the summer your only issue is to water. Seed generally has terrible return rates through out the middle of the season and early spring. The best thing about sod is the instant lawn, great return as long as kept wet and more functional as far as foot traffic and pets. We have purchased all of our sod from Brockmeier's Sod Farm, which is a local, family owned sod farm, for the last 20 years. They have been in business for nearly 75 years.
We offer a few different ways to seed your lawn. We recommend waiting till early fall for seeding to get a better return on the seed. If seed is sown in spring it cuts out the option for your spring pre-emergent application of fertilizer which controls weedy grasses. Therefore letting crabgrass in to the lawn which will choke out your new grass seed anyway. Seeding your lawn is all about patience. You cannot rush seed. One way we seed is to aerate the lawn then overseed and add starter fertilizer. Another option is to renovate the lawn. When renovating the lawn we will use our seeder that will cut small slits in the soil so the seed has a good place to germinate. Renovation is generally best when the lawn has been heavily damaged by drought, excessive foot traffic or any other reason. We use only premium seed and will match the type of grass you already have. Premium grass seed is certified to contain the exact seed percentages as labeled and also has a labeled amount of weeds in the seed. Generic grass seed cannot say the same. Better germination rates are guaranteed with certified grass seed.  We also offer hydroseed for both commercial and residential properties.  With the correct amount of tactifier applications can immediately slow erosion. Also hydroseed will get a much better return on grass seed during the dryer months.