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LEXIS takes great pride in all the work we do. We take the time and research to make sure our customers get the landscape they want and a landscape design that will work in its environment. We sit down with the client to find out what they're looking for, which can be a basic idea or an exact plan. We offer different services to help our customers envision what the final product will look like. Some jobs require simple blueprints and a plant list and some require 3D modeling with photo-realistic renderings which will give a very real look at the final product. If you have an idea we can make it a reality. Our goal is to offer our clients a custom landscape. Our mission is to provide a level of craftsmanship to every job that is hard to find in the contractor industry. We take a lot of pride in each and every job we do!  We also offer commercial landscape installation.  We have a crew of union laborers and operators that are ready to take on any job. During the close of the 2019 season we took on a job and invited 3 other companies to work along side of us.  It is the largest commercial landscape job our company has taken on at this point. To ensure a great outcome we worked with Altered Grounds Landscaping to install a large water feature. Waldbart & Sons Nursery to help with plant material. And Hawkeye Irrigation to work with the irrigation system. Each company providing their specialized services to help build an amazing landscape. This job opened some doors to union work which is now a permanent part of our company.


Key Benefits of the Service

We take a lot of pride in our custom designs.  We try to provide a landscape that fills your needs but also has style and flow.  There is no template.  Some imagination and skilled craftsmen can make your back yard dreams a reality.  Take a look at our Facebook (LEXIS Outdoor Services Inc.) and Instagram (@lexisoutdoorservice) pages for past projects.  Or call for a more in depth idea of what we can do for you!

  Create a great getaway for after work or weekends with the family!
  Your property value increases many times its initial value!
  Professional hardscape materials and construction that will last a lifetime! 
  Landscapers that are craftsmen and take pride in their work!
  Proper plant spacing and native plants that will grow in to their space!